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Using Saw Palmetto to Treat Hair Loss

Treat Hair Loss

When it comes to alternative medicines for hair loss, saw palmetto always tops the list. Saw palmetto grows abundantly in the southeastern coasts of the United States and has received dramatic attention in Western medicine. It is a dwarf palm tree that produces dark red berries which contain lipotropic extracts. The lipotropic extract is known for its antiandrogenic properties.View additional tips at this article.

Extracts from saw palmetto berries inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the main cause of androgenetic alopecia, the most common form of hair loss in men and women. Traditionally, saw palmetto has been used to serve as tonic, antiseptic, and expectorant. Also, it is also used in the management of female infertility & menstrual disturbances, relieving prostate enlargement, increasing breast tissues, improving lactation, serving as a nerve sedative, and assisting in digestion.

Saw palmetto is widely known for its striking similarity to finasteride regarding function. Finasteride is a synthetic drug used to treat benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness.

Saw palmetto is now processed as commercial drugs; if not, it is contained in some hair loss products (e.g. tablets, liquid extract, capsules, and tea)checkout latest news and information at

Tips in Administering Saw Palmetto to Treat Hair Loss

1. Consult a physician as to whether saw palmetto is appropriate for you. In this way, you will also know the right dosage for you.

2. Always read the instructions on the label on how to use saw palmetto since different brands can have different dosages.

3. Take three capsules of saw palmetto every day at regular intervals. It can be taken every after your heavy meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) during the entire day for better absorption.

4. The Nutritional Supplements Health Guide recommends taking 200 mg of saw palmetto, two times a day.

5. Be sure to consult a physician first before shifting from a lower dosage to a higher dosage as a precautionary measure and to see whether it is necessary.

Treat Hair Loss

6. Do not use saw … Read the rest

How to Stop Hair Loss – A Must Know

Stop Hair Loss

Whether you like it or not, every normal person will experience hair loss at some point. As we know, hair loss just happens naturally. Hence, there is nothing to worry about if you have seen your hair falling, you just need to find some methods on how to stop hair loss. However, there are some who have more hair loss than normal. Accordingly, hair loss indicates that a natural process is occurring on your head.

The hair follicle passes through a three-phase cycle. The phase where your hair falls out is in the resting phase. During this phase, the older hair falls out to make way for the new hair to grow out from the scalp. Now, if you have noticed that more and more of your hair is falling, start thinking how to stop hair loss.

Actually, it is possibly your fault why you have experienced such a dilemma, as you may not have nurtured your hair follicles accordingly. You forgot to provide the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to the follicles causing it to starve. Discovering how to stop hair loss is not that easy. There is a sure cure for that problem. Just be patient, and go on reading.visit their official website for more information.

Sometimes, being abusive to our hair causes it to fall. Now that you already have thin hair, you must start looking for ways on how to stop hair loss. Good for you if you’re really determined to find those simple, yet effective ways on how to stop hair loss. If your hair loss problem is not that severe yet, try using those remedies that use natural items. Be sure to determine whether the problem is still young or not to determine proper actions to stop it.

Yes, it is true that we are now living in a world of high technology, and sometimes it is still best to try that alternative medication rather than taking pills. If you have noticed, those alternative medications have been the weapon of the ancient people … Read the rest

How to Prevent Hair Loss – Some Secrets You Need to Know

Prevent Hair Loss

No one will ever say that they do not want to have a shiny, bouncy and strong hair. Some people, especially women, rely heavily on salon services. If you are used to having hair care in a salon, you may ask yourself how to prevent hair loss. They just laid the health of their hair on the magic that beauty salons provide, not knowing that their hair could suffer in the long run. Salon use chemical solutions which are applied and massaged on your hair making it prone to damage.

It’s so frustrating to see your hair falling. Therefore, isn’t it better to prevent a certain problem from happening instead of curing it? I bet your answer is a big YES. For that reason, it pays to know how to prevent hair loss. You can start with practicing your own hair secrets instead of having it in the salon. That way, you can be sure about the products you are applying to your hair – and you will save money in the long run.

How to Prevent Hair Fall – Some Treatments

Once you are in control of the treatment that you are currently having, hair loss can be avoided. If only you are cautious with your hair care, you can be assured that you will have shiny and strong hair for the rest of your life. The road to knowing how to prevent hair loss is not that narrow. It’s not that difficult to find. You can find your way through where there’s a lot of stuff that will tell you how to prevent hair loss. This article is one of them.

There are lots of misconceptions about shampoos.

Many of us, especially women, thought that shampoos make their hair beautiful. They are used to the thought that these shampoos may repair any damages to their hair. They are blinded by the fact that shampoos may also cause a lot of damage. One good thing, is that organic shampoos are now available on the market. These shampoos are better … Read the rest

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss – Reliable Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss

Nowadays, the problem about hair loss is becoming worse. In fact, there are many people who have been so desperate to treat it as having bald hair affects their lives so much. They have tried various brands of shampoos. They have also tried different treatments. Many people have also consulted lots of physicians just to have a quick solution to their problem, but not a single physician gives them the best treatment. To have the right and the best cure to your problem, you have to do some research, and it really pays to be patient. You know how hair really affects your whole look, right?

Therefore, it is advisable to take and immediate action to aid it. After using some hair oils and shampoos, yet you haven’t seen any result, you have to make another plan and find for another solution. If you haven’t seen any improvement after using a certain product, you can conclude that that certain product is not reliable. Maybe it is now time to switch to a more reliable one. When it comes to reliable treatment, you can count on ayurvedic treatment for hair loss.

Try Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss!

Once you are decided to subscribe ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, it’s time to throw all those useless shampoos and hair oils away. Some folks around the globe are saying that no other treatment can beat ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. You cannot avail this treatment inside the hospital because ayurvedic treatment for hair loss follows a traditional type of medication. Therefore, there is no medicine made from the lab is used. Supervision from a physician is also not needed. In fact, you can have this treatment on your own.

Not a single person, who has tried this treatment, can deny the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. Considering that this treatment targets the health of your body as a whole, there is a necessity that you have to alter your way of living. If you are used to eating foods which … Read the rest